Algeria Clanwilliam Cederberg Camping

From Cape Town, about 2 hours out towards Clanwilliam is the turn-off to Algeria camping site. The campsite Algeria was named by a French nobleman, Count de Regne, who was in charge of state forests in the Cape Colony. The mountainous environment and the cedar trees reminded him of the Atlas mountains.
The weather was very erratic when we camped and in the end the wind prevailed and we had to cut our long weekend short and pack up our campsite.
The camping site that we chose is the last one overlooking the mountains and a sense of grandeur prevails. Your eyes are drawn to the mountains and when the moon rose over the mountains at 2pm we were astounded.
The river runs through the camp and kids were playing and swimming although I was sure that the water came straight from Antarctica. The ablutions are clean and very well looked after, every site has electricity and water and is partly grassed.
Really a very special place and definitely worth a visit.

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