Cape Malay cooking experience


Cape Malay cooking is a rich culinary heritage that is unique to Cape Town. A hands-on Cape Malay cooking class is thoroughly recommened! You'll make rotis, bobotie, samoosas, faloodas, curry and more!

A cooking class is an enjoyable evening spent learning about Cape Malay Cooking and dining at the home of your host, a Bo-kaap ‘Auntie’. She will make you feel welcome in her kitchen, instructing you in making Cape Malay favourites like rotis, samoosas, curries and more, while chatting about Cape Malay history, culture, tips and telling wonderful stories. And then enjoy the delicious feast in her dining room.

The cooking classes are offered in the warm and inviting kitchen of a colourful Bo-Kaap home, situated in a tightly-knit Cape Malay community, where everyone knows everyone! It is an atmosphere infused with a sense of tradition.

The host makes her guests feel like family. While taking you under her wing with all hands on deck cooking instruction, she shares much tips and details about the dishes you're preparing. Discover a whole new style of cooking to impress your friends with at your next dinner party.