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I think it is every person dream so go on a cruise ship and although there have been some horror stories about the Oceanos and The Achille Lauro in and around the South African waters, it is still the safest and most relaxing holiday a person can possibly enjoy.

So what does one do on a 32 day trip aboard a cruise liner that can carry 700 passengers? Well, cruise ships are luxurious, relaxed and friendly. You have a wonderful view of the ocean,there are many varied activities that you can participate in and there are many meals to partake of in sometimes as many as six restaurants. Spa’s, hair salons, gyms, elegant themed evenings, gambling and in some cases there might even be a shopping mall on board are but a few things worth mentioning.

There are several departures from Cape Town in the current season and one has a choice of 32 days to Ford Lauderdale, 47 days to Bangkok, 10 days to Mauritius or 3 days on a cruise to nowhere. My personal dream is a cruise to Alaska....!

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