Sardine Run Africa

Around June, July and August the biggest migration of any fish species occur, billions of sardines migrate up the East Coast of South Africa. This is a dream experience for divers, photographers and nature lovers.

During this time of year, humpback whales migrate north for warmer water to mate and calve - their courtship displays and breaching is absolutely breath-taking. The Cape gannets swarm dive in immeasurable numbers - the easiest indicator of where the action is.

When out at sea in a boat, it is surrounded by dolphins almost all day as they feast on the sardines. Snorkelling around the dolphins is a mind blowing experience.

Copper sharks are commonplace and can easily be seen from the boat or if you are up to it on snorkel as they seem to hardly notice people in the water, they focus only on the Sardines.

Often the dolphins and sharks work together to drive the fish to the surface where the scared and confused sardines form a ball, setting up a mass feeding frenzy. Dolphins, sharks, seals, whales and even penguins devour the ball from all sides while thousands of Cape Gannets rain down from above.