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"We were literally thrilled that we had chosen Clive"

testimonials-yoshDear Clive,

It was very nice indeed to meet you, and I hope all goes exceedingly well for you and your Excutivetouring business! Jody and I very much enjoyed our day out with you!

Ulla Stauch. When we were cruising towards CapeTown we checked the internet and found Executive Touring. We decided to book sightseeing with them not having had any recommendations or knowing Clive Friedberg. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see Clive waiting for us at the dock. As he drove us to our hotel we felt that maybe a good thing had happened to us. Clive turned out to be very personable, hospitable and extremely knowledgeable about Cape Town and its history and places of interest.

Over the next two days he would mention places but let us decide where to actually go to. We were literally thrilled that we had chosen Clive because he knew the best places to shop (not just stores), the best places to visit, and the most delicious restaurants. Because of his pleasant personality and knowledge we were treated to a fantastic 2 days.

Clive also told us about the tours he does throughout Africa, including safaris, and we were impressed. We are looking forward to going back to Africa soon and of course we will expect nothing less than excellence and therefore will hire Clive again. If you haven’t guessed we highly recommend Clive Friedberg for your tour assistant during your visit to Africa.

Not only is he well qualified to tour you around but his wife is an excellent travel agent and together they can make the arrangements you truly want at a very reasonable cost. Enjoy both Africa and Clive on your next visit.

Jeff & Carla Jonas USA